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Kenyon Mobile Detailing is Hiring Detailing Technicians



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Job Title:

Detailing Technicians


Hiring Organization Name:

Kenyon Mobile Detailing


Job Location:

Kenyon Mobile Detailing


Employer Overview:

Best Detailing Company in the valley. Certified Ceramic Coating Installers, experts in paint correction. Offering different levels of detailing services for all kind of vehicles (luxury/exotic cars, classic cars, daily use cars, fleets, RV’s, Boats and Planes). Services: Headlight restoration, Engine Detail, Interior Detail only, Exterior detail only, Paint Correction (oxidation removal, scratch removal), Ceramic Coating Installation (paint protection), Window Tint and Paint Protection Film

Hiring Manager/Contact Name:



Job Description:

Kenyon Mobile Detailing – Car detailers provide automotive interior and exterior cleaning services that meet company or client specifications. They handle everything from a simple wash and vacuum to more intensive cleaning jobs, including hand washing vehicles, steaming and deodorizing interiors, and applying waxes. A car detailer also provides paint correction and paint protection services and is knowledgeable in automobile care.


Base Salary:

Commission based ($130-$200 a day plus tips)



Attention to detail
Excellent communication skills
Customer Service oriented
Good driving record
Independent (no need for micromanagement to achieve goals)


Employment Type:

Full Time


Education Requirements:

High School Diploma


Eligibility to Work Requirements:

Must be a Green card holder or citizen.


Experience Requirements:

Experience in paint correction is preferred but not necessary
Experience in detailing is preferred but not necessary.


Job Start Date:

Immediate Start Available


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